Educational and Volunteer Programs

Speakers Bureau - Peninsula Counseling Center offers FREE educational presentations at businesses throughout the county to help employees to cope with personal and family difficulties that might otherwise affect work performance. Knowledgeable, articulate health care professionals provide employees with simple and practical "how to" information in one hour Peninsula Counseling Center Workplace Workshops. Topics include:

  • Managing Stress
  • Strategies for the Working Parent
  • Moving On Toward Retirement
  • Depression and You
  • Coping with Cancer
  • Better Communications for a Happier Marriage
  • Successful Money Management
  • and Much More

Your company's participation in Peninsula Counseling Center Workplace Workshops will provide benefits for both the employee and company. These workshops improve productivity, enhance workers' quality of life and convey the message that your company cares about its employees.

Community Outreach and Education - Peninsula Counseling Center provides FREE educational presentations, seminars, workshops and support groups throughout the year on a wide variety of topics of interest to individuals, families, children, seniors, teachers and health care professionals. Conducted by Peninsula Counseling Center's expert mental health professionals, these include:

  • Cancer Support Group
  • Anger Management
  • Child-Abuse Prevention
  • Substance and Alcohol Abuse Group
  • How to Improve Marital Communications and Relationships
  • Coping with the Loss of a Spouse
  • Eating Disorders
  • Alzheimer's Support
  • Socialization for Children and Teens
  • Parents of Disabled Children
  • Planning for Your Frail/Elderly Parent
  • Dealing with Your Teenager
  • How Parents Can Help Children Cope with Fear and Anxiety

Peninsula Counseling Center's Volunteers play an essential role in helping us to provide such an expansive range of useful services and programs. If you want to be involved in interesting and meaningful volunteer work, please call Audrey Goodman at 516-569-6600 ext 1330.

Teaching/Training Center -Consultation to Schools, Social Agencies, and Health-Care Facilities. We serve as an expert mental health resource to enable communities, agencies and organizations improve and enhance all aspects of productivity, well being and social interaction. Please contact Peninsula Counseling Center for more information about our consultation services.

The Friends Program unites older high school volunteers with younger children in need of support, companionship and guidance. More than 100 teens volunteer to be mentors during each school year. The "big friend" and "little friend" meet once a week to form a special relationship with one-on-one activities including homework, reading books, art projects, playing sports, going to the movies or just by having fun with their special friend. This program enables young children to learn, develop social skills and gain confidence. Peninsula Counseling Center's Friends also provides a meaningful volunteer opportunity for teens that enhances the quality of their own lives.

Please contact Audrey Goodman at 516-569-6600 ext 1330 for more information.